Studio Carlson-Stenner is a London based architectural & interior design consultancy offering a full range of services, including work on Listed Buildings and within Conservation Areas.

The Studio was founded in 2011 by Sabine Carlson Stenner, a German and UK qualified Architect, with over 28 years experience, working on commercial and domestic Architectural and Interior Design projects in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France.

The knowledge gained working for international clients on high end projects across Europe, has informed the way we work, ensuring clients professionalism and rigour throughout the design and delivery process of their project. We place a particular emphasis on the environmental aspects of our work promoting sustainable solutions wherever possible.

We believe that Architecture is a process of dialogue and refinement and work closely with our clients, to develop a clear understanding of what they want, developing ideas together to ensure the best possible result.

Good design can positively change the way we live and work, improving the quality of our lives while contributing in a green sustainable way.